Platform Description

Credmark’s novel protocol organizes model contributors, governance token holders, and users around an ecosystem of high quality DeFi data models. These models allow DeFi users to balance reward and risk against their personal risk tolerance, backed by a landscape of validated, persistently tested, and curated models that are competing for governance-defined success metrics.

For example, to execute a pool on an AMM DEX, a user who doesn’t understand price ranges would simply choose between low, medium, and high risk tolerance modeled positions. This allows any user to see their expected returns based on the risk assessment they choose, providing a framework for making informed cost-analysis decisions that abstracts away Credmark’s deep data sophistication.

Credmark’s platform perpetually runs and analyzes the latest blockchain data, so models will be automatically used as they outperform their competitors. These changes, as well as protocol state changes that adjust users’ portfolio risk profiles, will eventually evolve into a full non-custodial smart contract system that automatically rebalances DeFi positions based on the latest assessment.

Credmark’s platform rewards developers for creating their own applications and models. This helps create a lucrative, engaging ecosystem for developers. Credmark Governance participants will also be rewarded for creating stability and incentivizing data quality and performance.

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