Protocol Trust Model

Credmark’s core philosophy is firmly grounded in both transparency and efficiency. In this section we will explain the trust model behind Credmark’s inner workings.
There are multiple components put in place to assure the system is trustworthy and runs as expected. A non-exhaustive list includes:
  • All of the models are hashed, and their hash is stored in a smart contract for reference purposes.
  • All of the devops architecture is developed using Nix (stateless).
  • All of the data sources are aggregated and normalized through an API that can be double-checked.
  • Using the previous three points, it’s possible to reproduce the exact system that runs the data models and get the exact same results.
  • All the data used to validate the models is publicly available, so there is no way to take advantage of the system with special data (unless you can predict the future!). The models are ranked by future data scaled by a period of time determined by governance from the moment that the immutable data model is updated to the Credmark platform.
Real transparency is established, as every part of the protocol can be verified locally and verified to be working as defined by the system.