Data Delivery


REST APIs allow any third party to access the data generated by our models. This data is generated using our infrastructure and optionally describes the infrastructure used in detail, exposing the hashes of the underlying models, data sources, and infrastructure beneath.
Any model available on Credmark infrastructure can be accessed using our REST API. This allows users to use an api key to access the output data of specific models or of the current best model within any category.

Dashboards and Web Applications

Our models are a natural backend for applications that want to frame user decision making in terms of the output of the models. Credmark can therefore incentivize the development of user-friendly applications that abstract away the complexity and sophisticated knowledge of protocol specifics and offer users the opportunity to make risk adjusted decisions.


Oracles are data feeds that provide smart contracts with trustless data from the world outside of the blockchain.
Given that there are different consumers of the model result data, there will be different tradeoffs and delivery mechanisms that cater to varying use cases. Based on convenience and cost, the two primary mechanisms will be:
A. Companies providing web3 applications to users or companies taking advantage of the Credmark models are expected to consume an API provided by Credmark. The API will be offered under a subscription model where a private key will be shared. To achieve this, Credmark will create a specialized portal for handling API keys and implement a payment system with different pricing models. After discounting specific infrastructure costs, the revenue will be used to buy CMK tokens and return them to the Credmark DAO.
B. For smart contract protocols that require trustless on-chain data, the API3 Oracle solution will be used. Using the Airnode of API3, it’s possible to provide the results of the models to smart contracts on-chain.