The Credmark Model Framework (CMF)


Credmark has created its unique Credmark Model Framework (CMF) for creators to allow them easy access to Credmark's data via standard data models and to enable creators to leverage these models to build their own models and publish them.

The CMF helps in creating, running, and deploying new models by using Credmark’s integrated, curated, and historical blockchain data. These models can be incentivized and can create revenue as and when they are called. The deployed models are recognized as unique NFTs allowing their owners to collect rewards.

Getting Started - Start here

For new Credmark contributors and modelers. Quick instructions to get you started directly.

How to Guides - Creating & Submit Models

Practical in-depth step-by-step guides and deep dive details on creating models with the Credmark Model Framework.

Learn how to:

  • Build new Models,

  • Test your Models,

  • Submit your Model to the Credmark Repository,

  • Follow the Model Guidelines, and

  • Access other Models and Data via API

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