Trading Volume Endpoints


The volume endpoint,
/v1/tokens/<chain id>/<token address>/volume
returns the trade volume of a token over a period of time. ⚠️ This is DeFi trade volume as we have no visibility into centralized exchanges.
You will find the formal API definition here.
The Scaling section should be consulted to understand the optional scaled parameter.
The Historical Data section should be consulted to understand the following parameters:
  • startBlockNumber / endBlockNumber
  • startTimestamp / endTimestamp


The price/historical endpoint,
/v1/tokens/<chain id>/<token address>/volume/historical
returns a list of trade volumes over time for a token.
The list start and end, as well as periodicity arguments are described in the Historical Data section. ⚠️ Note that typical historical functions divide the time period up and return data for each point implied by start, end, and interval. In this case, start, end, and interval are used to construct segments. The reported volume is for the entire period designated for the segment.
Given the following call, which requests volumes for three segments:
// Some code
the endpoint returns:
// Some code