The Credmark Wiki
Credmark is a financial modeling platform powered by reliable on-chain data. Validated models are readily composable making rapid app development simple.
The Credmark ecosystem is built upon three pillars, the Data API, the Credmark Wiki, and the Credmark Platform.
Credmark Ecosystem
The Credmark Wiki is community-curated research on DeFi, tokens, and protocols as well as best practices for financial modeling in DeFi, without the expectation to ever be fully complete.
It is divided into three major sections:
  • DEFI 101, and
The CONTRIBUTIONS section contains the Latest Edits to the Wiki as well as some general information for Contributors why and how to to add knowledge to this space.
In the DEFI 101 section, we describe Tokens and DeFi Protocols, categorize them, and list specific risks associated with their use.
Within the FINANCIAL MODELING section, we explain various risk and investment metrics and how they can be measured and applied. We also describe the necessary underlying data that is required for modeling.
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