Everything related to the $CMK token

How is the $CMK token distributed to the team and investors?

We have minted 100 million tokens, which are distributed as follows -
  • 21.2M sold in pre-sale
  • 10M sold in public sale
  • 24M distributed to core team and advisors (vesting over 3 years)
  • 44.8M owned by the DAO

The DAO’s tokens are being used to:

  • Reward partners and contributors
  • Pay for services
  • Provide market liquidity

What is the utility of the Credmark token $CMK?

  • $CMK is being used for governance
  • $CMK is required to access our tools and APIs
  • $CMK will soon be used to reward the community for:
    • providing risk-related research
    • curating high-integrity data
    • creating and validating models

Where can I purchase CMK?

CMK can be purchased across three different swaps:
Uniswap CMK/USDC
Uniswap CMK/ETH
Sushiswap CMK/ETH
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