Credmark FAQ
Everything related to staking $CMK and xCMK

To what contract are the CMK deployed when I stake?

The Staking contract and the Rewards Pool contract can be found here.

Who is responsible for xCMK?

xCMK is non-custodial. You are responsible for your xCMK.

Is there any lock up period for staked CMK or can I unstake at any time?

There is no lockup, you can stake and unstake at any time.

When are rewards issued?

Rewards are issued during a stake or unstake transaction if at least 8 hours have passed since the last reward. This is to keep gas fees as low as possible.

Where can I see my staking rewards?

Your staking rewards will be visible on, along with the current exchange ratio of xCMK to CMK. Because xCMK appreciates in value compared to CMK, the amount of CMK you get for your xCMK increases over time.

Do staked CMK rewards compound?

xCMK rewards are non-compounding.

Why is my xCMK balance lower than my CMK balance?

When you stake your CMK tokens, you “purchase” a share of the rewards pool. This share is represented by xCMK.

Where do staking rewards come from?

There is a Rewards pool currently issuing rewards, we have 100k CMK in it over 36 days, and will be adding to that number to maintain 1M CMK issued annually.

Can I trade staked CMK / xCMK?

Yes, both are ERC-20 standard tokens.