Credmark FAQ
About Credmark Data
Blockchain data is difficult to read and slow to access. Credmark indexes and tags this data so that it is easily understood and quick to access. This allows users to build sophisticated financial models for DeFi.
We classify our data based on how much processing it has undergone. Although this classification isn’t of great importance to users accessing the data via API, it may sometimes be useful to understand how it has been transformed.

What is First Order Data?

This is the raw data exported from the Ethereum blockchain, indexed for speedy access. The inputs and outputs of smart contracts are binary blocks that are unintelligible without additional processing.

What is Second Order Data

The binary blocks found in the first-order data are processed to extract data types, names, and values. This data is then indexed for easy access.

What is Third Order Data

Credmark’s Model Framework allows developers to quickly build models on top of first and second-order data. The output of these models is third-order data.
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