Buy an API Key

In order to get a new Key, please login to your account, select "API Keys" in the navigation on the left and click "Create new API key".
You will see an overview of the existing keys and subscriptions for the
  • Token API
  • Portfolio API
  • DeFi API
Please select your choice by clicking on the respective "Buy Now" button.
You will be re-directed to the payment processing via Stripe.
The first 30 days will be free, so you can test out everything without any risks! You nevertheless need to enter a valid credit card in order to start the trial phase.
Please enter you payment details and confirm it with selecting "Start Trial".
After the processing was successful, you will be re-directed to the API key dashboard and see the confirmation as well as your new API key. Congrats, WAGMI!!! 🥳
Please note down your API key in a safe place and make sure not to share it with anybody. You can always see your keys in the API Dashboard.